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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

hmm.. 2.20 am at this time.. i cant sleep at all.. think just now went night jogging and after that have one whole package of tea.. so in the end now so ALERT!

anw.. i need to thanks lots of people who have been supporting and encouraging me.. thanks.. i already accept the fact liao.. and i think im happier than before.. dunno why.. maybe i retain i will experience some things which other people cant experience. it may not be a bad thing either.. retain is no big deal.. last thursday parents meet the VP.. the school dun even allow me to take a retest.. besides that retain still got condition de.. if i din meet their target next mid-year.. i will be out of jc and be in poly in july.. so now i have to look out for poly courses liao.. den next year Jan to March apply to get a place in poly.. so anyone can introduce any courses let me know k.. cos i really dunno wad courses to choose..

next year no more naqee and hui min with me in the same class le.. i have to be more independant den.. think i have been over-reliant on them for this one whole year..

no matter what.. i will learn from my mistakes and pick up myself from where i fall.. :) :) :)

* my S H A T T E R E D dreams_ 2:17 AM

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

whee! have a nice but tired weekends.. have fun at nana's bd celebration.. hahas sat night at pasir ris.. den played games like murderer using phone.. quite fun.. hahas.. ali came up with this creative idea.. wahaha and it becomes in good uses when you are in the dark.. den we played until damn late.. so long din like that liao.. so fun sia

den sunday when to nana's hse.. and the day i anticipated finally arrive! caz i finally can learn mahjong liao.. so happy.. and i really learn lor.. and that black jack thingy.. i only know that basic rules.. din expect that still got split plus changing of cards blah blah blah.. anw i learn.. hahas.. i got a few gambling greatmasters liao.. wahaha..

i really enjoy myself during the weekends..

den when it comes to monday.. im totally sian.. have to rush my pw and stuff and monday its not a holiday for me at all.. haix

and today... my results came out and its a terrible day for me..all fail again except my H1 chemistry.. so history repeats itself.. and again.. im the onli U grade students in my class for Gp.. totally dishearten liao.. i wonder why pple get better grades than me yet they are more paranoid than me..

anw.. met up with jm den walk ard thomson plaza.. feel warmth after having a chat with her.. went home at ard 9pm.. den when reach home.. got visitors sia.. after that they jio us go eat prata at thomson.. LOL.. i just came back from thomson now still want go thomson.. but anw.. i made a new fren.. maybe it helps to compensate for the bad mood i had in the morning.. :)

* my S H A T T E R E D dreams_ 11:45 PM

Sunday, October 7, 2007

hmm.. din do blogging for a month.. seems that i got a lot of stuff to tok abt.. but i dunno where to start from..

many things in life are rather 无奈. just a wrong move and you will regret forever.. zzz i just ended my promos yesterday and i really really have a bad feeling. i need 2H2 and 1H1 to pass.. caz i really not enough time, i give up on my econs.. totally din study for exam.. quite a stupid thingy to do.. but i really dun understand at all. so i focus on myH2 maths and geo.. haix.. totally very difficult though i put effort in it.. the moment im stuck at all those difficult qns.. my mind totally went blank.. even basic knowledge also not in dere.. zzz even after moderation will also not pass..

true speaking.. although im really quite scare that i will retain but im prepared for it liao.. wad can i do?? nth i can do liao ma..

and i just know abt this thingy- students will be caught if they badmouth their own sch in their blog.. eh.. think the sch too overdo it liao.. damn ridiculous man! i wonder who the principal is.. i would like to take a look at him/her.. zzz plus its the student blog not the sch blog lo.. i wonder why the school so scare if it din do anything wrong.. the more the sch worry, the more suspicious it is..

and recently found out that my ears like got problem like that.. can feel the hurt in my ear drum at some moment.. den when water get in also got difficulties to clearing it.. am i going deaf soon?? hmm... wait and see lo..

haix.. now i only wan to play play play tok tok tok everyday.. and do nothing.. dun even wan go sch liao.. sianx.. i find that i really nid a sports to keep me occupied and be optismistic.. think when shili they all join outside de then i join ba..zzz i also wan to learn alot of things during holiday.. mahjong, knitting, bake edible cakes and cookies, learn "xian wen" blah blah blah.. and i also very eager to learn mahjong next sat.. whee~

all the best to those pple who are still having exams!

* my S H A T T E R E D dreams_ 12:41 AM

Sunday, September 2, 2007

wad's life??
clinging on to the memories
and living in misery?
how i wish time machine can do the trick
bringing me back to the past...

* my S H A T T E R E D dreams_ 10:14 AM

Monday, August 27, 2007

today onli half-day in sch to celebrate tcher's day.. so went home quite early.. advance tcher celebration?? hmm.. strange hor.. so early to celebrate it on monday.. strange sch does strange things..

slag here and there and i finally just finished up my english essays so decided to take my break here.. still got stupid geo hw and eom to do... zzz so many corrections argh!!

and i jus dunno why my life's so wrong.. i onli have one more months to promos yet i haven even touch any subjects yet and i have always been dreaming about what to do after promos.. zzz plus my pw.. am i going to survive through the OP?? zzz

how i wish i can be like shili now.. having holidays and still can work to earn some money.. i wish to go work work too!!

went to find my cousins last thursday at imm.. hahas..travelled to jurong east alone.. nv in my life travelled alone to jurong east... so i dun even know where's the imm.. so anyhow dash here and there lor.. quite exciting la.. hmm.. is that considered adventurous?? eh.. okie.. im toking rubbish..

anw my mind now seems like going haywire liao and that stupid stomach.. i have been eating lots of things since i come home.. zzz.. going to find more more food den..

* my S H A T T E R E D dreams_ 3:51 PM

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

每个男人都有 说不出的心碎
但愿 回到美好的从前
记得爱 左右幸福的片段
所以才 一直忘记要离开
伸出手 继续勇敢付出我的爱
记得爱 是我疑惑的答案
就不再 考虑应该不应该
你的泪 落进无边无际的大海

只要记得爱 就无所谓孤单

记得爱- 阿沁

* my S H A T T E R E D dreams_ 6:05 PM

Sunday, August 5, 2007

some things are beyond our control,
there's no way you can force it no matter how hard you tried...
but no one will blame you for nt achieving it.
when some things are just within our reach
and yet you are reluctant to do it..
even if just for that little effort of trying..
you will be letting yrself down most.

* my S H A T T E R E D dreams_ 10:53 PM